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Messages from President

from. Hisato Doi, Representative Director, President

There are many intractable diseases in the world, and people affected by those suffer from high medical cost and side-effects of medicine. While those engaged in the medical field, doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies etc., are working hard to ease their distresses, we have established our company with our commitment to play a role in advancement of medical treatment for those suffering. Problems in medicine can be solved and distresses of patients can be alleviated greatly by advanced medical techniques. Since I met Dr. Takada (to be appointed Chairman in 2004), I had confidence that his unique technique could facilitate effective medicine to ease many patients. “Superb technique” and “excellent researchers to materialize it” are essential to such a venture as ours. Evec has both of them. And I joined the company to offer my management skills for the valuable business

We aim to participate in producing effective and accessible medicine. Major pharmaceutical companies are competing in the world today, in developing antibody medicine. Needless to say, a large capital, accumulated know-how and experiences are indispensable to developing the medicine. Having our unique technique, we take the business model of developing antibody medicine with our business partners. Namely we specialize in developing antibodies by our unique technique and supply them to the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world, through which we hope to fulfill our goal that the medicine derived from our antibodies will relieve patients from their distresses.

It would be most rewarding if we could hear of successful recovery of patients in hospitals, if we could play our part behind the scenes. We would like to foster our business with our business partners to create valuable medical products.

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